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GF-MULTI JIB. The GF-MULTI JIB is a professional, lightweight and modular Jib arm, suitable for carrying all general remote head systems. It is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilized with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. In general, the 2 x 150 cm sections are. GF-9150S — GF-Multi Jib Set inkl. Basis Dolly und Zubehör. Preis 34.625,00 € GF-9150 — GF-Multi Jib. Preis 21.755,00 € GF-9150C — Gegengewichtsset für GF-Multi Jib (GF-9150) Preis 2.805,00 € GF-9127 — Gegengewichtsstange mit Aufnahme (26mm / Hantelgewichte) Preis 895,00 € GF-9126 — Gegengewichtsstange mit Aufnahme (33mm / Jib Gewichte) Preis 660,00 € GF-8318. GFM GF-9 Kran und GF Multi Jib. Stabiler und vielseitiger Remote-Kran für eine Höhe bis 10m. Kann wahlweise auf einer Kran-Basis, einem HD-Kranstativ oder per Adapter auch auf einen Dolly aufgebaut werden. Der GF-9 ist die Interpretation eines Leichtkrans durch GFM. Kran-Elemente und Abspannungen basieren dabei auf den bewährten Grundprinzipien des GF-8 Krans und ergeben so bei einem Kran.

gf jib; gf-multi jib; gf-primo dolly; remote arms. stabilized remote arms tech scout cheat sheet; remote scorpio arm; remote russian arm; crane accessories. specialty mounts; gfm - iso dampener; gfm - mini spring mount; motivator power base 50ft/ 30ft; hme; remote heads. stabilized heads. stabilized head tech scout cheat sheet; m a t r i x. The GFM-Multi Jib arm can be built from 5′ to 17′. OPTIONS. Stabilized Head; Preston FIZ 2 (Focus Iris Zoom) HME Wireless Headsets; FEATURES. It is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilized with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. In general the 2 x 150cm sections are used as front arm extensions whereas the. gf-grip kit. track. gf-swive GF Multi-Jib; SECTIONAL CRANES. FOXY Pro; Giraffe; GF-8 - Coming Soon; GF-16; TELESCOPIC CRANES. Scorpio 10′ MovieBird 17′ MovieBird 24′ MovieBird 30′ Super Techno Crane 30′ MovieBird 45′ MovieBird MB50 XL; Super Techno Crane 50′ MovieBird 60′ REMOTE HEADS. Mo-Sys L40; Talon Head; Mo-Sys Lambda - 2 & 3 Axis Head; Mini Scorpio Head; Power-Pod Prime Head; Stabilized Scorpio.

GFM Multi Jib. Our Grip Factory Munich, GFM Multi Jib is a lightweight, modular Jib arm suitable for carrying all general remote head systems.This super versatile system is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilised with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. More Cinematography, Equipment Rental, Grip Equipment. GFM Multi Jib Gallery. ALL EQUIPMENT SPEC'S. PATRIOT CAMERA CARS Burbank, California United States. Aaron Hammel Patriotcameracars@gmail.com (818) 523-6737. Procam / Atlanta 1775 W. Oak Pkwy, Ste. 600 Marietta, GA 30062 (770) 419-4000. Procam / Honolulu 445 Cook Street Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 589-3300. A SiteOrigin Theme. GFM GF-9 Kran und GF Multi Jib. Stabiler und vielseitiger Remote-Kran für eine Höhe bis 10m. Kann wahlweise auf einer Kran-Basis, einem HD-Kranstativ oder per Adapter auch auf einen Dolly aufgebaut werden. Der GF-9 ist die Interpretation eines Leichtkrans durch GFM. Kran-Elemente und Abspannungen basieren dabei auf den bewährten Grundprinzipien des GF-8 Kranes und ergeben so bei einem Kran.

GF Multi Jib. The GF Multi Jib is a lightweight, modular Jib arm suitable for carrying all general remote head systems. The system is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilised with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. In general, the 2 x 150 cm sections are used as front arm extensions whereas the 100, 50 and 30 cm. // GF-MULTI JIB The GF-Multi Jib is a professional, lightweight and modular Jib arm, suitable for carrying all ge-neral remote head systems. It is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilized with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. In general, the 2 x 150cm sections are used as front arm extensions whereas the 100.

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The GF-Multi Jib is a professional, lightweight and modular jib arm, suitable for carrying all general remote head systems. It is portable, mobile and mounts on most standard dollies fitted with Euro-adapter or Mitchell mounts. The arm is stabilized with an easy to mount, rod rigging system. A multitude of configurations are possible simply by combining the sections and building the arm to the. GF-Multi Jib TechSpecs Version 1-300 Be trieb mußdie vers tanden wer den ! tebsan litung geles nund Vo Mon tagend GripFact oryMunich 2996mm / 117,9 3351mm / 131,9 796mm / 31,3 1276mm / 50,2 3 mm / 1,8 1500 mm / 59,1 54kg / 252kg / 1000mm / 39,3 19,1lbs 555,7lbs 783,5mm / 30,8 678,5mm / 26,7 Rigging Rods: 1450mm / 57,1 (bzw. 1400mm / 55,1) + 910mm / 35,8 Version 2-300 Betr ieb uß.

GFM Multi Jib up to 5 m . Flexible arm length approximately 2,6-5 m. Jib up to 5 m. PDF file. Description: Support | Jib Arm | GFM GF-Multi Jib Modelnumber: 8825 Technical data: GFM GF-9150 Measurements: Weight: Related products. Support | Tripod | GFM tripod with Euro-adapter. Tripod with Euro-adapter . Heavy duty. Read more; Support | GFM Adapter Euro to Mitchell plate. Euro-adapter to. Grip Factory Munich - GFM Multi Jib is a lightweight, modular Jib arm suitable for carrying all general remote head systems. This super versatile system.. new orleans,la baton rough,la shreveport,la:: gfm multi jib 14' & jib arm :: 4'6 to 6'1:: remote head : At the GFM, we are looking for enthusiastic and creative graduates or undergraduates in their third year of study, to join our team of tutoring specialists on a casual basis. Graduate Tutor Vacancies. Fair Workload Charter. The GFMAT aims to recruit and retain staff by: Ensuring they have a fair and reasonable workload. Providing high quality training and professional development opportunities.

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  1. Our GFM Multi Jib ready to roll! Lightweight, modular Jib Arm, super portable and perfect for remote head systems #movietech #griplife #StaySafeMovietec
  2. GFM Mini jib arm GFM GF jib arm GFM GF Multi jib arm CRANE BASES Scorreador TerraCAT REMOTE HEADS; NON-STABILIZED REMOTE HEADS. JIB ARME von GFM - de . GFM Grip Kit Dolly. universelle Eurozapfen Basis, als Bodenstern, für kompakte rollbare Jib-Bauten oder auf Schiene. Tag € 100 . Woche € 400 . Auf den Magliner. GFM Maxi Kurbelsäule. 58.
  3. GFM Jibs. Choose from our wide range of GFM high-end camera support equipment. We currently carry the GF-8 Crane, GF-Multi Jib, GF-Jib 6ft, GF-Tele Jib and Baby Jib. RENT JIBS. Mobile Platforms. Don't be stuck in one spot. Need a camera angle that moves fast across a wide variety of terrains? Try our custom EXO Camera Car and Grizzly Quad. RENT MOBILE. Choose your head and accessories. Camera.
  4. The GFM-Multi Jib arm can be built from 5′ to 17′ System Type: Modular remote head jib. Mounting for Fulcrum: Mitchell and Euro. Min Arm Dims: 3' reach,7'6 overall length. Max Arm Dims: 16' reach, 22'5 overall length. Max Payload per Reach: 3' thru 14'3 = 132 lbs, 15' thru 16' = 99 lbs. Max Counter Weight: 555 lbs. Base Dims: 3'-6'' H x 50-64 L x 34 W . GF-Multi Jib — GFM - Grip Factor.

GFM Multi Jib max 5 m. Jib upp till 5 m. Läs mer. Slider | GFM GF-Slider 200cm. Modell: 88061 GFM GF-slider 200cm (6'6) 200 cm. Läs mer. Slider | GFM GF-Slider 100 cm. Modell: 88063 GFM GF-slider 100cm (3'3) 100 cm. Läs mer. Support | GFM combi-rig tube och double euro-adapter mount. Modell: 88064 Combi-rig tube/ double euro-adapter for GFM Slider. Läs mer. Support | Slider | Manfrotto. Gfm JIB GF-Jib — GF . GF-7800S — GF-Jib Set inkl. Zubehör und Transportwagen. 10.140,00 € Preis ZUM PRODUKT GF-7800S — GF-Jib Set incl. Accessories and Transport Trolley. €10,140.00. Price. GO TO PRODUCT →. EXPLORE ALL. GF-JIB FEATURES Der GF-MULTI JIB ist ein professioneller, hoch variabler und stabiler, aber dennoch sehr leichter Jib Arm. Er ist geeignet für die meisten.


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Für die Filterung wurden keine Ergebnisse gefunden! GFM AL-2110. 150 mm auf 100 mm Adapterring für Schale. Artikelnummer: 12250122. € 119,00. Brutto: € 141,61. 3-4 Wochen Lieferzeit. GFM AL-2123/1. Mini-Bodenstern mit 100 mm-Schale GFM GF - 8 Xten; GFM GF - 8 Xten. Enlarge the picture. Description; GF-8 Crane complete with: Risers, Counter Weights; and; Wide Base Dolly; 34 ft Version (Remote) Product Code: GFM GF - 8 Xten; Availability: In Stock; HK$0; Call us for more detail. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. Tags: Crane. Related Products. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Supertechno Telescopic crane ST30.

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GFM GF-7700 摇臂 GFM GF-7700 Jib Arm GFM GF-7700 Jib Arm LEICA SUMMILUX-C T1.4 / 75mm GFM GF-7500 摇臂 GFM GF-7500 Jib Arm GFM GF-7500 Jib Arm LEICA SUMMILUX-C T1.4 / 100mm RT-mini 摇臂 RT-mini Jib RT-mini Jib LEICA SUMMILUX-C T1.4 / 135m GFM is an industry leader in the design and production of high-end camera support equipment. Founded in 1999. Made in Germany.. GF-Multi Jib Information - the Camera Jib Arms by GFM - YOUR INNOVATIVE PARTNER FOR CAMERA SUPPORT, FILM TECHNIK, GRIP ACCESSORIES, BROADCAST AND VIDEO EQUIPMENT:camera cranes & dollies - riser & trip... Social media reactions. Facebook reactions. 75. Twitter. PORTA JIB- TRAVELER LIGHTWEIGHT JIB. MOVIETECH DUO JIB. MOVIE TECH MAGNUM DOLLY WITH JIB. MOVIE TECH MOVIE JIB. GF- 7500 TELE JIB. GFM GF- 7700 GF MINI JIB. GF-7400 GF- PRIMO JIB. GF- 7800 GF JIB. GF-9150 GF MULTI-JIB. PLEASE ASK FOR PRICING. Post navigation. Previous Previous post: FUJINON CABRIO 25-300 ZOOM. Next Next post: MODEL 1. Prices on website are subject to change without notice. GFM Bangi 200cm Slider 150mm . GFM GF-7700 Mini Jib 150mm . GFM GF-9202 Mini Jib Tripod . GFM Adapterring für Schale 150 - 100mm . GFM Adapterring für Schale 150 - 75mm . GFM AL-2151 Seitenschale 150mm, kurz (18cm) GFM AL-2153 Seitenschale 150mm, lang (35cm) GFM AL-2215 Adapter Eurozapfen female - Mannesm. GFM AL-2381 Half Ball Flat Base 150m

Jimmy Jib; GFM GF-9; Offroad Jibs; Hotheads; HD Polecam; Dolly Crane HD; Gallery; Tech Specs & H&S Documents; Contact +44 (0)7973 562923. admin@lammo.co.uk. Lammo Limited is the only company within the UK who own & operate Jimmy Jibs, Grip Factory Munich superb GF-9 & Multi-Jib, Towercam, Floatcam Dolly Cranes, PeePod Remote Heads, Flyline CableCam & HD Polecam systems. As a company, we strive. // GF-BABY JIB // GF-BABY JIB The GF-Baby Jib is a stable, very compact jib with an arm length of only 45 cm / 1'6 (pivot point to Euro-adapter). It is ideal for working off dollies in tight confined spaces as it provides additional pan and tilt adjustment plus smooth, vibration free movements. It weighs less than 16 kg / 35 lbs. GF-7600 GF-Baby Jib consisting of: — Fixed length front.

GFM GF - 8 Xten. GF-8 Crane complete with:Risers, Counter Weights; andWide Base Dolly34 ft Version (Remote).. HK$0 . Call us for more detail. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. ABC Crane 120-9.0. Total length 9.48 mFront crane arm 7.87mBack crane arm 1.61mMax. payload 25 kgPackage included:Remote Head Alex 2-Axis,Joystick Control,Counter Weights,and. GFM Mini Jib. Der Mini Jib von GFM sucht, wie alle Geräte von GFM, seinesgleichen in der Abteilung Kamerabühne. Das benutzerfreundliche Handling, die hohe Belastbarkeit, die smoothen... Von: 90 € / 1.Tag (zzgl. MwSt.) Ausführung auswählen mehr; GF Low Rocker. Neigen und Schwenken aus niedrigsten Position - der Low Rocker von Grip Factory Munich macht es möglich. Höhe: 12cm Gewicht: 6.

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Kopie von GFM Kamerakran; Jimmy Jib Kran / Kamerakran; 10m Hochleistungs-Dreieck-Videofilm-Kamera-Kran 20kgs Kapazität; 12m DV Typ Kamera-Auslegerkran zum Verkauf; universelle elektronische Jimmy Jiby Jib-Kamera-Kran; 40ft Jimmy Jib Professionelle Videoaufnahmen Filmkamera Kran Jib; 8m Kamerakran mit HDMI Monitor für DV Kamera ; 15m Jimmy Jib DSLR Videokamerakran; universelle elektronische. 14 AUFBAU DES GF-PRIMO JIB 78 14.1 Einzelgewichte der Komponenten des GF-Primo Jib 84 14.2 Aufbauvarianten des GF-Primo Jib 85 14.2.1 Aufbauvariante mit High/Low Rig 85 14.2.2 Aufbauvariante ohne High/Low Rig 86 14.3 Auswahl der Jib On Einstellung am Handregler 87 14.4 Richtlinien für den Betrieb des GF-Primo Jib 88 15 WARTUNG 9 Today I would like to introduce you to our latest jib, the GF Mini jib to be precise, courtesy of our friends at Grip Factory Munich GFM. This is a rather nice addition to our range of GFM kit and the perfect match for the GFM Primo Dolly that was my last blog of 2017 (in August! my how time fly's). The mini jib as its name suggests is not the largest in the world but its not designed to be.

Neben unserem Spezialgebieten Highspeed , Stereo3D & 360° vermieten wir ebenfalls Equipment für 2D-Produktionen. Ein besonderes Augenmerk legen wir hierbei auf 4K- & UHD-Produktionen mit Kameras wie der Sony PXW-FS7, der Alpha 7s oder der PXW-Z100. Eine vollständige Liste unseres Verleihequipments könnt ihr als PDF herunterladen 5.05 Panther Multi Mount Print; More Info. 5.06 GFM Bazooka Print; Comes with 150mm bowl and either 4 long legs for stability, or 3 x 15cm short legs to fit into confined spaces e.g. car interiors. 5.07 Panther Mini Jib Print; Gives a rise of 1.4m, and can be mounted on any of our dollies or bazooka. 5.09 Super Panther III dolly Print 5.10 Jimmy Jib TRIANGLE base + Hot head Print; Jimmy Jib. GFM Tele Jib. GFM Baby Jib. Longueur. 139 - 188 cm / 54.7 - 74 . 82 cm / 32.3 . 103 - 156 cm / 40.6 - 61.4 . 45 cm / 17.7 . Support maximum de poids. 40 kg / 88 lb étendu 60 kg / 132 lb rétracté

Discover all Panther Dollies. Panther is an industry leading manufacturer of high professional cinematographic filmequipment Zubehör für Videostative: Köpfe und Beine. Topseller. Steelfingers no1 für C-Stands im 3er Set. Schutzüberzug für Stative. Artikelnummer: 12285245. € 4,55. Brutto: € 5,41. auf Lager, 1 - 3 Werktage. Sachtler Sideload Platte S/ Ace GFM-Slider; GFM-23; Action Dolly; Dutti Dolly; Bazooka Camera Mount; Movie Tech Master Track; Rickshaw Dolly® Grip Kit + Richardson Mount; Aerocrane Jib; Trovato Quattro Jib Arm; CREDITS; MEDIA. Photos; Video; CONTACT; The team has worked on numerous multi-million dollar, block buster projects that have spanned the globe. This experience gives the Motion Mechanica team a strong sense of the. GFM Jib Arm mit einer Armlänge von 82cm und einem Hub bis 100cm. Für Kameras bis 25kg. Anschluss über Euroadapter (GFM Quad Dolly) oder Schwerlaststativ (GFM GF-9202). Inklusive: Seitenschale 150mm kurz (18cm), Kombirohr (35cm), 4x Gegengewicht (12kg) OConnor 2560. 120.- EUR. pro Drehtag zzgl. 19% USt. Der neue OConnor 2560 ist die nächste Generation des bewährten Klassikers 2575. Seine.

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  1. Techno jib telescoping crane with 3-axis remote head: GFM, Movietech & Panther cranes : Panther & Magnum dollies (Germany) Matthews grip (USA) Others. Octocopter Aerial Cinematography : Handheld gimbal system : Steadicam, Easyrig : Silent crystral controlled generators : Multiple sound studios, Aircon, Cyc, catwalk: Our Clients. Local and International Movies. Get In Touch . Quick Links Who We.
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  3. GFM, Colchester, Essex. 902 likes · 1 talking about this · 181 were here. GFM : Promotional Marketing, Online Games and Marketing Services
  4. Master Jib. Les Grues. Egripment Scanner. Les Grues. ABC Crane 120. Les Grues. ABC Crane Speedy 6. Les Grues. ABC MiniCrane 350. Les Grues. Aerocrane. Les Bras de Grue. Boa. Les Bras de Grue. GF-Jib GFM. Les Bras de Déport. Vario Jib Panther. Les Bras de Déport. Mini Jib Movietech. Les Bras de Déport. Cartoni Jibo . Les Bras de Déport. Lift MO-SYS CarPole. Les Travellings. Black Arm. Les.
  5. Discover all Panther Sliders. Panther is an industry leading manufacturer of high professional cinematographic filmequipment

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A pan and tilt brake with integrated friction comes with the Vario Jib. To find the right balance the Vario Jib is fitted with an additional sliding weight. VERSATILE. Use offset rig for ergonomic camera operation. The Multi-Rig allows the adjustment of the Euromount in all possible angles. The Vario Jib can be combined with existing Panther. Our mission is to marry top caliber technicians with the most technically advanced film making equipment. This ensures the creative process is professional, seamless, fun and made at the highest possible level. Motion Mechanica Picture Support Ltd is based in Vancouver, Canada and founded by Brian Bouma. Together our team of highly experienced. Tracker XL Flexible rigging with max crew on-board, speed, extended run-time, and crane capability. Powered by multiple intrinsically safe lithium batteries for extended run time, a 200% increase over lead acid batteries Capable of 35-45 mph, depending on weight load, terrain and incline Supports jib arm

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火焰山文化传媒经多年整合,于2017年正式成立,现位于北京市顺义区。具有独立院落,公司实际使用面积10000m2以上。属中国境内规模最大、品类最全,服务最专业的影视器材服务企业 360 Dutch head GFM TeleJib Jimmy Jib Crane Hague Mini Jib Crane Moviebird 24 + 3 feet extension. Dollies Bazooka base / tripod wheels Egripment custom dolly Panther Twister dolly Fisher 11 dolly Motorized dolly Panther Boogie Wheels. Sliders Panther U-Bangi II 0,9m Panther U-Bangi II 1,4m Panther U-Bangi II 2m Panther U-Bangi II 3m. Stabilized Heads Arri SRH-3 stabilized head ISO Damper for. are, for both GFM dollies, interchangeable. g-f-m.biz . g-f-m.biz. Darüberhinaus verfügt der GF-Secondo über dieselbe Peripherie und Features, die Kameramänner und Grips bereits vom GF-Primo kennen und schätzen wie z.B. die multifunktionalen Dollyplattformen, die drop & go Batteriehalterung, das multi-variable Drehkreuz, die innovative Hoch-/Tiefplattform, die Lufträder Big Wheels, die. 1984 680 x 6,000mm GFM FKP 60 Crankshaft. Manufacturer: GFM; Weight: 110,000 kgs; Additional info: Very low working hours Max. work piece length: 6,000mm Max. working length: 5,800mm Center height (without retaining wedge): 2,100mm Max. stroke of clamping head: 5,800mm Max. stroke of longitudi.. Plattform-Version, mit 2 Sitzen, 4 Sitzarmen, 2 Bolzen, 1 Kugelschale. Version 1 / Plattform 3,70 m / belastbar bis 250 kg. Version 2 / Plattform 4,90 m / belastbar bis 140 kg. Version 3 / Plattform 6,10 m / belastbar bis 230 kg. Version 4 / Plattform 7,30 m / belastbar bis 155 kg. Version 1 / Galgen 3,70 m / belastbar bis 80 kg

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  3. BLOW UP rental Badenerstrasse 571a CH-8048 Zürich mail@blowup-rental.ch +41 44 501 55 30 © 2021 BLOW U
  4. GFM Jib Arm; Matthews' Car Mount; Backstage MAGLINER; Video. SMART ASSIST HD2; Q-Take HD Software; Vantage PSU-3X HD; ATOMOS devices. Atomos Shogun 7; Atomos Samurai Blade ; Atomos Shogun Inferno; PIX E5 E7 Video Devices; TVLogic HD rental; SONY Trimaster OLED 25″ SONY Trimaster OLED 17″ TERADEK Bolt 1000/2000; TERADEK Bolt 3000 XT; Bond 757 + Cube 755; Accessories. Lenses Accessories.
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इमेल वा फोन: पासवर्ड: खाता बिर्सनुभयो? साइन अप गर्नुहोस Le Pôle Global FM (CA 278 M d'€, 1300 collaborateurs) est l'entité transverse d'ENGIE Solutions dédiée à l'exploitation de contrats multi-services, multi-techniques et de Facility management (FM) intégré sur un ensemble de sites répartis sur plusieurs régions ou pays. Le Pôle GFM s'appuie sur l'expertise des différentes entités qui la composent que sont GEPSA, GEPSA. We also offer you multiple payment and shipment methods, so that you can get your dream equipment for video production without any headache. Enjoy Shopping With Us With over 600 products for video production available in DIGI TECH catalog, we're happy to offer you the best video cameras, camcorders, tripods, and other professional video equipment in Dubai online multi-biometric device (เครื่องสแกนลายนิ้วมือและใบหน้า) zkteco bio40 (white) (#wtg3162002271726) มีการสั่งซื้อแล้ว 1 รายการ . รับประกัน 2 - y. สินค้าจะเข้าภายใน 7 วันทำการ . สินค้าจัดส่ง.

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Our GFM MULTI JIB ARM and the KEY HEAD 2 axis remote head is the best solution to achieve your mid-high-angle or moving shot! Fast and easy setup and variable lenght! Call us for details and availability!!! The MOB Grips! GFM MULTI JIB PROMO BLACK KEY HEAD PROMO BLACK. Read more GFM GF-MULTI JIB 15-18尺搖臂. 請打電話:02 2550-0007. 出班需配技術人員. GF-MULTI JIB 是專業,輕便和模塊化臂架臂,適用於攜帶所有一般遠程頭系統。 它是便攜式的,可移動的,並且可以安裝在大多數配有Euro-adapter或Mitchell支架的標準手推車上。 手臂通過易於安裝的桿索具系統穩定。 通常,將2 x 150 cm的. Multi-Station Transportable Jib Cranes. SERIES: JIB-P. Designed for use in multiple locations, includes jib crane and one base socket. Extra base sockets may be purchased for use in other locations. Friction brake design allows positive locking and controlled rotation of heavy loads. 360 degree continuous rotation of heavy loads gfm gf-multi jib 15-18尺搖臂 . 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. panther classic plus全配. 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. super falcon ii. 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. panther plt. 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. panther pst. 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. panther pvt. 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. fluid 7mkiv 3axis head. 電話洽詢. 查看詳情-32%. cartoni 倒吊組 二軸及三. The Tracker XL is an electric-powered camera car that offers maximum versatility in subject tracking and camera positioning. Perfect for steadicam, stabilized heads, jib arms and telescopic cranes, such as an Aero Jib, Technocrane 15 or Moviebird 17. This unit can be loaded with camera mounts, camera equipment, sound equipment and the crew

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För att ge dig bättre service använder vi cookies.Genom att fortsätta på sidan godkänner du vår användning av cookies Bamar GFM roller furler for jib / Self-tacking carbon jib boom Code zero Bamar RLG Evos roller furling for genoa Electric line driver for mainsail traveler, controls fwd and aft. RIG: Offshore Spars custom carbon mast Custom carbon v boom with Bamar electric furler Nitronic rod or Dynema synthetic standing rigging SAILS: Carbon/Dynema tri-radial laminate sails Square top main Furling Jib.

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  2. Jib Arm GFM; Car Mount Matthews; MAGLINER Backstage; Video. SMART ASSIST HD2; Q-Take Software; Vantage PSU-3X HD; Dispositivos ATOMOS . Atomos Shogun; Atomos Samurai Blade; Atomos Inferno; PIX E5 - E7 Video Devices; Monitores TVLogic HD; SONY Trimaster OLED 25″ SONY Trimaster OLED 17″ TERADEK Bolt 1000-2000; TERADEK Bolt 3000 XT; Teradek Bond 757 + Cube 755; SmallHD 702 Touch BOLT 4K RX.
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  5. JIMMY JIB + RONIN 2 - DJI: 600 € 1: Bras de Grue GF Jib (sur demande) * - GFM: 255 € 1: Dolly Magnum (sur demande) * - MOVIETECH: 560 € Bras de déport Cinesyl: 1: Mini Jib * - MOVIETECH: 54 € CINESYL: Travelling Cinesyl: 1: Plateau de Travelling Large en Acier - CINESYL: 37 € 1: Plateau de Travelling Etroit en Acier - CINESYL: 37 €
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Евгений Радионов, Back-end Dev, за все время работы столкнулся с множеством интересных и сложных задач, в одной из которых и познакомился с ElasticSearch. В этой статье разберем, как настроить продвинутый полнотекстовый поиск с. From forklift battery handling to a Single Charging Stand to a multi-level automated system, Sackett sets the industry standard. Non-stop durability, reliability and safety are built-in to every forklift battery exchange system at Sackett Systems. Sackett Systems has been manufacturing battery handling systems for the material handling industry for over 100 years. The Sackett Systems product. » Dag före röd helgdag stänger vi kl. 14:00 samt även dagen före jul-, nyårs- och midsommarafton The DHS Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms (DAAT) list contains homeland security related acronyms, abbreviations, and terms that can be found in DHS documents, reports, and the FEMA Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms (FAAT) list

Jib Crane is one of the most preferred equipment that is used in cinematography. Extremely durable and strong, allowing for the support of multiple professional cameras, DSLR cameras, and equipment, 2x1kg counterweights to help maintain stabilization and balance, Easily mounted using any tripod with a 1/4″ to 3/8″ thread, Steel tripod for increased strength and maximum stability, Uses 1. AED105.00 AED100.00. It's always easy to shop for Camera support & Rigs at Digi Tech Trading because you can browse by best sellers, brand, price range, customer rating, or special offers. And you can take advantage of free shipping within UAE Ole Gunnar Solskjaer praised the incredible influence of Cristiano Ronaldo after the superstar forward struck twice - including another late goal - to once again rescue Manchester United in the Champions League. Ronaldo cancelled out strikes from Josip Ilicic and then Duvan Zapata in added time at the end of each half as United twice Objectives To evaluate the effect of endometriosis on fertility and the levels of the IL-2 and IFN-γ in the peritoneal fluid in a mouse model; to evaluate the effect of pregnancy on endometriotic lesion growth, apoptosis and cell proliferation. Study Design Two month old C57BL/6 female mice underwent either a surgical procedure to induce endometriosis or a sham surgery

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  2. Patientenbeauftragte der Bundesregierung. ©. Jan Kopetzky. Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmidtke wurde 1966 in Neumünster geboren. Nach ihrem Abitur studierte sie Humanmedizin an der Universität Hamburg. Ihre Ausbildung zur Fachärztin für Herzchirurgie, Promotion und Habilitation absolvierte sie an der Universität zu Lübeck
  3. Multi - OM1 RC ROSSCOMMON Multi - OM2 SLIGO Multi - OM3 TIPPERARY Multi - OM4 WATERFORD Single Mode WK WICKLOW FOAM AFFF 3% WESTMEATH AFFF 6% WX WEXFORD Class A Low Concentration FFFP FP High Expansion Multipurpose Alcohol Resist CRANETYPE Bridge Gantry Jib Portal AGRIENTO COMPRESSEDAIRSYSTEM Breathing ALESSANDRIA Medical ANCONA AOSTA.
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Cameras. High-Speed 120+ Fps. ALEXA EV-1. The original ALEXA comes with a 16:9 sensor and the original SxS Module that accepts two SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards for recording in-camera ProRes or DNxHD. ARRIRAW recording is possible with an external recorder PATH: Boat Building & Refitting » Boat Builders by Country » US » MIC » Manufacturer's Identification Codes (MIC) & Vessel Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) To facilitate the importing and exporting of vessels, especially recreational vessels, many countries have developed uniform methods to apply identification numbers such as a Hull Identification Number (HIN). The US [ OutTac Gear GmbH - Messer, Tools, Lampen & Ausrüstung seit 1996 ! - 10% Neukundenrabat Nuno Espirito Santo risks becoming the third Premier League boss to lose his job this season after senior Tottenham officials reportedly held talks over his future. Former Wolves head coach Nuno signed a two-year deal to take over as Spurs boss at the end of June following four largely successful years in charge at Molineux. However, Tottenham fans

MB_45_SPECS-Final-1 | CinemovesCamera Crane With 3 Axis Motorized Head | virtuecraneShort BazookaTelescopic Camera Cranes IncSUPERTECHNO75---drawing | CinemovesMovieBird® 60 TechnocraneTelescopic Camera Cranes Inc

640x480. 1280x720. 1366x768. 1600x900. 1920x1080. 2560x1440. 3840x2160. The GeForce GTX 1050 was a mid-range graphics card by NVIDIA, launched on October 25th, 2016. Built on the 14 nm process, and based on the GP107 graphics processor, in its GP107-300-A1 variant, the card supports DirectX 12 Victorinox Alox Money-Clip. Kombinieren Sie zwei Ihrer wichtigsten Begleiter - Ihre Brieftasche und Ihr Schweizer Taschenmesser. 31,90 €. Details Desktop Metal qualifies 4140 low-alloy steel for high-volume additive manufacturing of end-use parts with the production system. Read Mor Push the world forward. We spend every day at Samsung boldly experimenting, constantly driven to make life better for everyone. As the Sales and Marketing subsidiary, our teams at Samsung Electronics America bring our mobile devices, connected appliances, home entertainment, 5G networks and digital solutions to life for people across the nation.