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We Have Reviewed Every Streaming Device on the Market. Free 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns. View the Top 5 Streaming Devices of 2021. We Make Shopping Quick and Easy 5. Hardware Encoder for Live Streaming. Taking place of the capture card and computer setup, a video encoder is a piece of live streaming hardware that processes the raw signal from your camera and prepares it for streaming. Hardware like this is a small investment, but also a huge time saver. This is due to the fact that an encoder sends the live feed directly to your live video hosting platform. We recommend usin If you're using an RTMP encoder for live streaming, you will need an RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) enabled hardware or software. When it comes to RTMP encoding, broadcasters can choose from a wide variety of software and hardware encoders. There are options for every need and budget Why we like it: Roland's highly popular prosumer switcher is an excellent choice for multi-cam live streaming for small houses of worship, smaller corporate meetings, and youth sports. With four HDMI inputs, a built in audio mixer, and picture-in-picture capability, this devices offers professional features for producing live events at a fraction of the cost

Information and articles on your live-streaming hardware needs. From microphones and webcams to green screens and computers Streaming-Hardware: Das beste Zubehör zum Live-Streaming Gaming-Stream bei Twitch, Youtube & Co Streaming-Hardware: Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV & Co. im Überblick. Das Streamen von Filmen, Serien und weiteren Inhalte aus dem Netz liegt im Trend

Best video switchers for live streaming (hardware) 1. Roland V-8HD. Roland has been producing high-quality video equipment for a long time, and the V-8HD lives up to the name. The V-8HD is flexible as well, allowing up to eight video sources, including a game console, camcorder, smart device, and PC. Features. 8 inputs; Full HD support; 3 output You'll need to note that there's an extra piece of hardware you'll need in order to stream with a Mac. Laptop: MacBook Pro 13 1.4GHz 8th Gen i5 128GB Storage ~ $1299USD Hub: USB C Hub Adapter with Ethernet, HDMI and USB 3.0 ports ~ $39US When it comes to live streaming, IP refers to the processes and infrastructure involved to transmit live stream data from one place to another. What Is A Hardware Encoder? Stand-alone devices that: Receive an uncompressed video and audio signal (usually through HDMI or SDI). Encode it into a compressed format Zum Streamen benötigt ihr in den meisten Fällen einen PC. Ihr könnt auch von der Konsole aus streamen, wie das funktioniert erkläre ich später. Der PC braucht hauptsächlich eine starke CPU, die Grafikkarte ist für das Streamen selbst erst einmal nebensächlich. Allerdings muss der PC neben den Anforderungen für das Streamen selbst auch noch die Systemanforderungen für das Spiel erfüllen, welches ihr streamen wollt. Twitch empfiehlt einen PC mit den folgenden Hardware. Video Hardware fürs Streaming Studio: Greenscreen, Kamera, Mikrofon & Licht (Die ultimative Liste für 2020

Seine Hardware-Streaming-Engine ist fürs Live-Streaming in professioneller Broadcastqualität konzipiert und liefert eine eigenständige Lösung fürs Live-Streaming ohne Frameauslassungen. Einfach mit dem Internet verbinden und einrichten. Über die Web Presenter Utility kann man flink die Streaming-Plattform auswählen und den Streamschlüssel aktualisieren. Die Software läuft auf Mac und Windows und kann direkt über USB oder remote per Ethernet verwendet werden. Technisch Versierte. Streaming hardware implies a dedicated appliance designed specifically for live streaming video. In a hardware setup, the video and audio sources are connected directly to the appliance where they are processed and encoded locally. Inside, streaming hardware contains its own CPU, video processing components, and special software to perform the same tasks as streaming software does on a computer Our partners at NextComputing offer hardware solutions built specifically for Livestream Studio. You can either purchase a system from them or review the tech specs of the offered systems to guide you with finding a comparable system, especially if your events require a more advanced and resource-heavy setup (e.g. five connected cameras, all graphics overlay tracks in use, multiple remote inputs) Wenn von Streaming die Rede ist, ist noch nicht klar, ob es sich um eine Live-Wiedergabe oder eine Wiedergabe von auf Servern gespeicherten Medien handelt. Das Prinzip ist allerdings das Gleiche. Ein Merkmal ist die kontinuierliche Übertragung von Video- und/oder Audiodateien von einem Server zu einem Klienten. Dabei werden die Daten in Paketen an den Empfänger gesendet, dort zwischengespeichert, wiedergegeben und anschließend wieder aus dem Zwischenspeicher entfernt

Top Live Streaming Hardware Encoders: 1. VidiU: VidiU is able to stream data to almost every online video platform with ease and it has native integration with few popular social media networks like Twithc, Ustream, Periscope, YouTube Live etc so that users can enjoy seamless streaming with quick services. One latest addition to services is in form of sharelink and it is offered by Teradek. It is dedicated to bring a high class professional bonding service for VidiU Pro. Once. The Taradek VidiU Pro is the ultimate live streaming device for schools, churches, production companies, and businesses trying to take their content to live online from anywhere without a computer. It is practically an alternative to VidiU Go and is the best YouTube livestreaming hardware for features like remote management etc. Live streaming. Live streaming hardware encoder primer. November 1, 2021 Live streaming. The 11 best webcams for streaming in 2021. October 20, 2021 Live streaming. Bandwidth for streaming: How much do you need? October 15, 2021 Live streaming. The best SRT encoder for remote contribution and guests . September 29, 2021 Live streaming. Zoom NDI: How to use Zoom Rooms NDI support for live video. Production Companies: When you are live streaming professionally, you likely need high-quality, crisp video streams for your viewers. In that case, live streaming hardware encoders are the best option for you. They are built specifically for live stream encoding and can transmit for days with minimal issues. That said, it requires a bit of a steeper budget and technical know-how to use a hardware encoder effectively Computer Hardware. Computer: Streaming live video isn't as power intensive as, say, playing games or developing software but you do need a computer that can keep up. For live streaming, we recommend a computer with 8GB of RAM or more. This amount of RAM should ensure that your computer won't slow down even when you have multiple programs open (as streamers often do)

Essential live streaming gear. There are many paths to a successful live stream. Let's break down each component to see how it fits into the overall setup. The foundation. First of all, whether you're streaming from your phone or a dedicated live streaming system, you'll need a reliable internet connection. The bandwidth requirements will. Streaming heißt Online TV schauen - kostenlos, live, in HD und ohne Anmeldung. COMPUTER BILD zeigt wie TV- & Video-Streaming in Deutschland funktioniert Als Live-Streaming, zu Deutsch Echtzeitübertragung, bezeichnet man ein Streaming-Media-Angebot (Video oder Audio), das in Echtzeit (englisch live) bereitgestellt wird.Interaktive Livestreams werden auch als Webcast bezeichnet. Handelt es sich um eine Lehrveranstaltung, wird auch von einem Webinar gesprochen.. Dabei wird oft mittels einer Encoder-Software das Signal digital gewandelt und kann. Live Production Software. Transform your computer into a professional live production control room with Livestream Studio. Input multiple feeds, add graphics, master audio, and stream in one robust, easy-to-use package. Graphics, media, transitions and everything you need from a world-class production switcher

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Hardware encoders are devices that serve to ensure that broadcasters provide their users only with the most professional-looking live streams. These dedicated processors use an algorithm to encode video files, i.e., compress them, and turn them into a more suitable format for streaming. These devices come in various shapes and sizes — from small, portable boxes to larger, bulkier fixtures. Hardware for Live Streaming to YouTube: 1. Elgato Game Capture HD 60: Elgato Game Capture HD 60 is well known for its wide range of compatibility, efficiency and set of powerful features that assists in top quality content development. You can develop videos with 1080p resolution at 60fps frame rate using Elgato tool Use hardware to live-stream video meetings; Raise & lower a room's hand using Meet hardware; Use captions in a meeting; Change the layout of meeting participants; Leave a video meeting; Use the Meet touchscreen; Use dual displays with Chromebox; Use the pan tilt zoom camera; Use multiple cameras with Meet hardware ; Use Hey Google voice control in video meetings; Turn TrueVoice denoiser on.

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Live Streaming on AWS Solutions Implementation architecture. The solution's AWS CloudFormation template launches the AWS products and services necessary to ingest, transcode, and deliver live streaming video. AWS Elemental MediaLive, which ingests two input feeds and transcodes your content into two adaptive bitrate (ABR) HTTP Live Streaming. Episode 9 - Live Streaming with a Hardware Encode Möchten Sie die Inhalte von Ihrem PC auf einen größeren Bildschirm streamen, haben Sie verschiedene Möglichkeiten, den PC-Bildschirm auf den Fernseher zu übertragen. Dies kann sowohl über ein Kabel als auch kabellos erfolgen. In beiden Fällen müssen Sie jedoch Ihren PC zunächst mit Ihrem Fernseher verbinden. Datum: 21.06.2019 Live streaming online is a great way to spread your message, increase brand awareness, and cultivate relationships with fans and followers. For these reasons, an overwhelming amount of people stream videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram every day

Many of these live streaming platforms even let you share your live streams to your website, mobile app, and social media accounts. Moreover, most live streaming software consists of a hardware encoder. It enables the conversion of RAW video input to digital format for playback on multiple devices Sometimes, you can get away with adding simple production elements without an extra piece of hardware. A few live streaming platforms (like BoxCast) provide a built-in graphic overlays feature for placing images on top of the video mid-broadcast. If you want to change between two camera angles a few times, you can do so with a basic HDMI switch. Outside of those simple production enhancements. No live streaming equipment setup is complete without an encoder. Literally — it converts a live feed so that it's viewable over the Internet via computers and mobile devices. The encoding kit is built around the workhorse Studio HD550 switcher and encoder. We bring two HD550s — a primary and a backup) on every production, which allows us redundancy and the flexibility to build upon even. A dedicated hardware live streaming encoder for IP cameras ensures your live stream will stay active. The EZ Streamer outperforms other PC based software or Cloud server encoding solutions to meet the demands of your live streaming needs. Compatible with standard IP Cameras . Connect any IP camera with H.264 compression and supports RTSP protocol (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). Stream to.

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  2. g System FAQ (for those who want to live stream their gameplay). Generally speaking, though, a fairly powerful CPU or a video card with NVENC support is the key piece to handle encoding the video stream. You also need an internet connection with good upload bandwidth in order to ensure the data gets out to your viewers smoothly. Q: Should I have a separate computer dedicated.
  3. g, including independent control over all popular protocols and processing capabilities on the captured sources. Matrox provides value-add to video management systems by extending its capabilities for lecture and presentation capture, content distribution on popular platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube, and advanced applications.
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  1. Additionally, the Live Stream Platform supports scheduled Sim-Live (Simulated-Live) playback of content from the cloud, providing the ability to host an enriching online guest experience through synchronized replay of events at any time. What's more, once live or simulated-live web events are scheduled, player embed codes remain the same - this means that you can set and forget
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  3. g. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding
  4. g OBS Video Hardware X264 Encoder. Raw uncompressed video files are huge data behemoths, but you can watch films over your regular internet connection in high-definition just fine, and that's because the data has been encoded. Encoding is part compression and part making a video as universal as it can be by creating compatibility with as many devices as possible. Video (and we.
  5. The main reason I've constructed my live stream setup as I have for (Out of) Office Hours, our new weekly live broadcast, is so that I can keep our audience engaged, entertained, and interested throughout the entire live stream. With multiple camera angles and different on-screen layouts, I can more easily break free from the normal, boring, one-shot webinars we've all come to loathe. In.
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The new live streaming system was in place just before Christmas in 2018. In that time, the church media team has been able to live stream a candlelight service, the 2018 Christmas service, and a special baptism. The live streaming system has connected housebound parishioners like Tori Parker who commented Glad I can be here, even from my couch as I recover from surgery. The system has. Test your system; SUPPORT FOR YOUR PROJECTS. PTZOptics has several ways you can reach us if you have any questions about your production project. Connect with us via: Phone, email, and chat; Our detailed knowledge base and forum. Our online Udemy course. Our support ticket system. Our Facebook user group. Our monthly live shows. Features and Benefits. Affordable Video Production - Quality. vMix is live streaming and production software that allows you to create professional quality productions on your own computer. vMix gives you the power to add multiple cameras, videos, NDI sources, remote guests using vMix Call, images, audio, web streams, Powerpoint, titles, virtual sets, chroma key, and much more to your production.You are then able to display, record and live stream your.

HTTP Live Streaming (also known as HLS) is an HTTP-based adaptive bitrate streaming communications protocol developed by Apple Inc. and released in 2009. Support for the protocol is widespread in media players, web browsers, mobile devices, and streaming media servers. As of 2019, an annual video industry survey has consistently found it to be the most popular streaming format Essential Hardware for Live Streaming. Before we get into the best video cameras for live streaming, here are some of the basic equipment you can use with your camera for better audio and visual quality when live streaming: External Microphone. Audio quality is just as important as video quality. And like built-in cameras, it's advisable not to use built-in microphones when live streaming. Take a look at our Recommended audio hardware guide to learn about which audio equipment and important feature sets can help you grow your live streaming offerings. Setting up live stream classes You can watch this video to learn how to set up live stream classes in your site, or scroll down to read step-by-step instructions Subsplash Live makes it simple to stream to any device, broadcasting your content to all of your Subsplash channels: mobile and TV apps, websites, media libraries, and more. It's never been easier to take your content further with our all-in-one media solution that automatically converts your church's live streams into on-demand content published to your media library

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Find and compare top Live Streaming software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. Quickly browse through hundreds of Live Streaming tools and systems and narrow down your top choices. Filter by popular features, pricing options, number of users, and read reviews from real users and find a tool that fits your needs Live streaming software that helps you deliver professional streams, video conferences and online classes with ease. ManyCam has the live video tools you need, from Chroma Key, multiple video sources and picture-in-picture to effects. Blur, remove or replace your background with images during web conferences, video chats, and virtual classrooms without a green screen. If you have a green. Download Uplive - Live Video Streaming App PC for free at BrowserCam. Asia Innovations HK Limited published Uplive - Live Video Streaming App for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Uplive - Live Video Streaming App for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac Live video streaming is incredibly popular—and it's still growing. Platforms like Amazon's Twitch and Google's YouTube boast millions of users that stream and consume countless hours of live and recorded media. These services are often free to use but require you to have an account and generally hold your content behind advertisements. Some people don't need their videos to be available to.

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Choose your streaming destinations. Live Stream Platform (streaming to viewers watching on web browsers, Facebook, YouTube, mobile apps, etc.) Multisite Platform (streaming to remote campuses/venues) or both! Select your encoder - either by purchasing a hardware encoder or using ProPresenter. If multisite, also select hardware decoder(s)

Video Capture and Live Streaming. Our Games SDK for PC brings capturing capabilities to your game. This makes it simple to give your players the ability to Live stream their game play to Facebook, as well as capturing and storing memorable in-game moments to share. System Requirements; Live Streaming from C++; System Requirements. Please note that currently we only support games that run on. Facebook Live: Facebook Live might be best for those looking to add live streaming content to their brand's Facebook page. Twitch : one of the biggest names in video game live streaming, Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for its community and niche styles of content 5 free tools to live stream your event. Here are the tools we will cover (arranged alphabetically): Facebook Live. Instagram Live. Periscope. YouNow. YouTube Live. This article looks at five free live streaming software options. See the full list of free live streaming software solutions here Logitech StreamCam ermöglicht Streaming und Aufzeichnung in Full HD mit 1080p bei 60 fps und bringt damit verblüffende Videoinhalte mit flüssiger Bewegung in ihre gesamte Online-Welt. Von Aufzeichnungen in YouTube bis zu Twitch-Streams und mehr: Das hochwertige Glasobjektiv das intelligente Autofokus-System von StreamCam sorgen ohne viel Mühe für Ergebnisse in professioneller Qualität.

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Live Streaming System - NO COMPUTER NEEDED. Live stream in high definition to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live or a custom RTMP. Just connect the included Magewell encoder to the internet - no computer needed! What do you need in addition to this system: 1. Ethernet or wi-fi connection 2. Audio source 3. Display/monitor with an HDMI input to preview video . MORE. Zoom Room Conferencing Kit with. Conceptually, HTTP Live Streaming consists of three parts: the server component, the distribution component, and the client software. In a typical configuration, a hardware encoder takes audio-video input, encodes it as HEVC video and AC-3 audio, and outputs a fragmented MPEG-4 file or an MPEG-2 transport stream. A software stream segmenter then breaks the stream into a series of short media. Getting the hardware and software you need for your live stream setup may seem a bit daunting—especially if you aren't technologically savvy. (If you don't know what a Twitter handle is or have ever referenced The Google, you may fit into this category!) In reality, you don't need any special qualifications to get started. Live streaming is technology-dependent, but if you can. Live streamen oder eine virtuelle Veranstaltung aufnehmen. XSplit Broadcaster bietet die beste All-in-One-Lösung für Streaming und Aufnahme, um damit neue Inhalte zu erstellen. Erfahren Sie mehr Herunterladen Live-Streaming: Der Gastgeber spricht live und in Farbe vor einem zugeschalteten Publikum - ähnlich wie beim Fernsehen. Videokonferenzen: Wie ein traditionelles Telefongespräch, nur dass alle Teilnehmer sich gegenseitig sehen können. 9 Streaming-Tools für Selbstständige. Welche Videokonferenz- oder Streaming-Plattform am besten zu eurem Business passt, hängt von ein paar Faktoren ab.

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mimoLive is an all-in-one live switcher, video encoder, editor, and streaming software for Mac®. It enables you to switch multiple cameras, insert presentations, add graphics, overlay lower-thirds, social media comments, transparency with green screens, and so much more. e.g. cameras, audio, video call-ins multimedia files, screen captures + more 6. Twitter Live. Twitter may not be the biggest social network, with 199 million active users as of Q1 2021, but it still generates huge revenues - it raked in $3.7 billion in 2020. Before you could stream videos live directly on Twitter, you used to be able to use Periscope

Die fünf besten Konferenz Kameras für echtes Live Streaming ohne Latenz Wir haben für Sie die besten Konferenzraum Kameras getestet. Dabei wurden Kameras mit einem Sony . Videokonferenz Systeme Hardware Ratgeber . 26. Juni 2021 Kommentare deaktiviert für Videokonferenz Systeme Hardware Ratgeber. Videokonferenz Systeme Hardware Ratgeber In diesem Beitrag möchten wir Ihnen unsere fachliche. Cloud-Gaming im Test Stadia, Geforce Now, PS Now und Shadow im Vergleich ★ Produkt-Empfehlungen ★ FAQ ★ Die günstigsten Preis

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To enable hardware encoding in Livestream Studio, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the interface. Navigate to the Streaming menu. At the top of the menu, check Hardware Encoding. Then click Save. As an example, here is the processor being used on a Windows 10 computer. The CPU usage when hardware encoding is turned off. With Interactive Live Streaming from Agora, you can host participants from all over the world to take part in industry conferences, trade shows, fan conventions, or other large, online events. When you build your virtual event app with Agora's live video streaming solution, attendees can watch keynote speeches and attend networking parties.

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Recommended Desktop System Specs. n/a. n/a. Quad Core CPU 4GB RAM or higher Dedicated video card, 512MB VRAM or higher. Note: There are known issues when using an Intel Xeon E5 processor. We recommend avoiding these processors when considering a system to use with Livestream Producer. Operating System Requirements Do you need software or hardware encoding for your live stream? What you want and what you need are two completely different things. You should keep this in mind when choosing gear, because the goal is usually to get the best possible option for the money you have — and that often means making compromises. But whatever you do, you should always ensure that your choices help you meet your. Watch live cams from around the world for free! See bald eagle nests, animals in the wild, beaches, ski resorts and more as well as time-lapse and highlight clips. Live Cams. All Live Cams Animals Beach Resorts Scenic Action Other. Time-Lapses Highlight Clips. Suggest A Cam. Blog. Hanover Eagle Updates Live Streaming Resources. About. About Us Our Team News & Press Featured Installations.

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Alle ZDF-Livestreams kostenlos und jederzeit online genießen. Das komplette TV-Programm von ZDF, ZDFinfo, ZDFneo, arte, KIKA, 3sat und Phoenix How to Choose a Live Stream Video Encoder: Hardware vs. Software. In this article we'll take a look at some of the options you have when it comes to encoding your video data for streaming. Marie Gardiner 20 Aug 2020. Live Streaming. OBS Quick Start: How to Create Live Video for Free With Open Broadcaster Software Studio. A quickly and easy way to get into live streaming Open Broadcaster. The equipment that you need for live streaming depends on the type of stream that you want to create. For the most basic video or music streams, you simply need one of the latest smartphones. If you want a professional-quality a video or music stream, you may need pro cameras, mics, mixers, and software Equipment and Placement - Easy Multi-camera Live Streaming Video. Equipment for live streaming and video production, in general, can vary a lot. There are thousands of cameras and accessories on the market that vary a lot in quality and price. Let's go through the minimum equipment needed for an easy multi-camera setup and you can build upon that. Main Camera. Firstly, to create your multi. Live Streaming & Laptop Speaker Hardware Limitations Some Serato DJ Pro hardware requires additional routing in order to get the master output back into Serato DJ Pro. This is so it can then be outputted via your laptop speakers or to streaming software when the options are selected as shown in the guides below

Our Single Camera HD Video Live Stream System for House of Worship is an affordable solution offering live streaming and recording capabilities. The system can be used to live stream and/or record services, choir concerts, or guest speakers OR the package can be used with a video distribution system to feed video into other areas of the church hall or building Livestream mit wenigen Klicks auf dem Computer starten. Eine Live-URL für wiederholbare Livestreams (etwa für Gaming) einrichten. Eine benutzerdefinierte Live-Veranstaltung erstellen, die auch ein Multicam-Stream sein kann (beispielsweise ein Konzert). Lies dir die genaue Anleitung für jede der Livestreaming-Optionen durch

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Live Streaming Toolset. Complete broadcasting-toolset for video streaming. Full branding, HD quality, no ads, powerful analytics and personalised native mobile apps, with StreamKit you get it all. What is StreamKit ? Your All-Inclusive Online Broadcasting Kit. CLOUD STREAMING PLATFORM For LIVE and VOD content. StreamKit Cloud integrates with industry's clouds for best cost effective solutions. Add a Live Chat or Live Blog to your live streaming event with Arena to increase engagement with your audience. You can get Live Chat set up in less than two minutes, and no coding is required. With Arena Live Chat, you can categorize groups, add calls to action, and automatically censor profanity. Add a Live Blog to your events to post updates, media, and more in real time. Insert add-ons. Our live-streaming capability was crippled by bad software and transmission system. In one easy to use step, this little marvel cured our problems, made our live stream work great and enabled us to remain in contact with those in our congregation. The setup ease was wonderful. The packaging quality told you right away that the manufacturer cared about the presentation of their product. Hook up. Live video streaming often requires a camera to capture the content, an encoder to compress the data, a media server to process the data and convert it when required, a content delivery network (CDN) to distribute the live video across the world, and an internet-connected device for playback. While a lot goes into getting that live stream from capture to playback, we designed our software. Livestream oder Stream aufnehmen - so geht es Im Livestream können verschiedene Veranstaltungen, wie beispielsweise Fußballspiele, verfolgt werden. Möchten Sie einen Livestream oder einen gewöhnlichen Stream einer bestimmten Sendung aufnehmen, um diese später nochmal ansehen zu können, dann ist dies lediglich unter bestimmten Bedingungen möglich

Free Live TV Streaming Sites. Here are the Best Free Live TV Sites to Stream and Watch the Content on any Browser Supported device. USTVGO If you want to exclusively watch Live TV from a US television program then USTVGO is the site you would love. Unlike many other sites with clumsy UI and heavy Ads, the USTVGO is a very clean site with fewer or no Ads How to Live Stream on YouTube: The Hardware You'll Need. Streaming these days is a lot easier when it comes to the hardware you're going to need. I'll show you what I use to stream from my own computer when I play games, and hopefully, that will give you a good baseline for a guide. First off, let's talk about the Internet. This is going to be the biggest bottleneck you're going to face. One convenience with video streaming services is they work on many different platforms and don't require any additional hardware or configuration. The best live TV streaming services support.

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All-in-one live video streaming production system Wirecast Gear gives you a fully configured Live video streaming production system that is affordable and easy to use. You can start streaming in minutes, with an end-to-end system configured specifically for your needs. Find a Reseller Learn more. What Wirecast customers are saying Wirecast and Restream.io literally saved my business and. YouTube Live Streaming Looks Bad Despite High Bit Rate & Good Hardware. Help Me! Close. 1. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. YouTube Live Streaming Looks Bad Despite High Bit Rate & Good Hardware . Help Me! Hey Everyone, I have been searching for an answer to this for a while before posting this question. I have been trying to stream over on youtube and no matter the resolution or bitrate it. Beyond Ordinary Live IP Camera Streaming Services with Real-time PTZ Camera. Skip to content (866) 883-8717 Client Portal. DEMOS. Search: Search. Snow Stake Demo. HD Relay. LIVE IP Cameras Services and Hardware for Streaming, Recording, and LIVE PTZ Controls. Markets. Golf and Resort Cams; Water Management / Flood Control; Jobsite Recording / Construction Webcams; Snow Reporting LIVE Demo.